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Playing Infinity Code One

Playing Infinity Code One

Welcome to the Jix Hobbies blog! Here we will update you all on our Infinity Code One Faction builds and upcoming game nights. Over the next few weeks and months we will build up our army so we can play a full 30 point game and we invite you along on this journey.

Our first aim is to start out with 3 basic infantry from one of the four available factions namely: PanOceania, Ju Ying, O-12 and Combined Army.

Our 3 PanOceania Fusiliers ready for battle.

On Thursday 15 April 2021 we will explore the basic rules and jargon of the Infinity Code One Game. After the introduction we will play a few 3 point games with basic mission objectives. We provide you with gaming tables and stunning terrain , all you will need is your army, some d20’s and a measuring tape.

The rule book is free to download from the following link

You can also download the mobile app which will make it a breeze to select a combination of your faction.

The main ingredients are fun and excitement, oh, and your faction of choice. If you haven’t already, you can go to our website and purchase a starter army so that you can join us.

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