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Table Bookings at Jix Hobbies

Please make a table booking if you want to come play a tabletop game or board game in our gaming area at our physical store.

When trying to make a booking ensure that the button reads "SCHEDULE YOUR TIME" and NOT Add to Cart, before clicking on the button.

You can play games any day or time during our normal business hours. However, we do host a few special events now and then.

This booking system is also used to book spots for those special events such as Building & Painting Day and other events such as, Game Nights, Game Day, D&D sessions and tournaments, etc.

All events are hosted by Jix Hobbies at our physical shop. 


  • If a date for any D&D session has been advertised and you can't book, it means that the session is already full. Please contact us to add you to the waiting list.
  • Booking dates will only open once the official announcement has been posted to our social media or in our WhastApp groups.
  • We only allow games that we stock to be played in our gaming area.
  • Please contact us for more information.

Game Day:
Booking required

Every Saturday from 09:00-17:00

Building & Painting Day:
Booking required

Usually the second or middle Saturday of the month.
Free entry

Scale Model Night:
Booking NOT required

There's no need to book in advance for the monthly meet-up, which takes place on the third Wednesday of the month or as close to the 20th as possible. Just bring along your finished or work-in-progress piece and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Free entry

D&D Sessions:
Booking required

Usually hosted on specific Saturdays as advertised on our Facebook & Instagram.


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