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About Us

Jix Hobbies: Crafting Dreams, Fuelling Passion - Where Every Hobby Takes Flight!

A Chronology of Evolution and Leadership

A Legacy Takes Flight (1950- 1978)

Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Jix Hobbies, a cherished haven for hobby enthusiasts that unfolded its story in August 1950 within the vibrant heart of Pretoria Central. Conceived by the visionary trio of Dr. Welgemoed, Mr. Sturdy, and an enigmatic third collaborator, the name 'Jix' emerged not as an acronym but as a symbol of uniqueness and simplicity, laying the foundation for a legendary reputation in the local scale model industry.

In its early days, Jix Hobbies resonated with the hum of radio-controlled aircraft and the melody of records. The winds of change, however, swept through the store's inventory over the years.

The pivotal year of 1952 saw the arrival of Monty Malherbe, a former SAAF pilot, whose flying prowess not only elevated Jix within the radio-controlled flying community but also earned recognition from the Federation of Aeronautics International (FAI).

A Dynamic Duo Takes Charge (1978-1990s)

The dynamic duo of Nord Gerneke and Terry Brown stepped into the Jix narrative in 1973, establishing themselves as avid radio flyers who frequently graced international and local competitions.

Their journey took a turn in 1978, marked by Monty's untimely departure, prompting Nord and Terry to take the reins.

The duo's stewardship expanded Jix's offerings into new realms – from R/C cars and Plastic Model Kits to Slot Cars, Model Railways, and an extensive array of tools and paints essential for hobbyists. Iconic brands like Tamiya, Airfix, and Scalextric found a home on Jix's shelves.

Fast forward to the late '90s, and Jix Hobbies found its current abode in Menlyn Retail Park, Pretoria East.

Nord's Legacy

Nord Gerneke, a key figure in Jix's evolution, passed away in February 2022. His contribution to the store and the radio-controlled flying community remains an integral part of Jix's legacy.

A Visionary's Odyssey (Present)

The latest chapter in the saga unfolds under the ownership of Julian Bishop, a visionary with a keen eye for the future. Under his guidance, Jix has witnessed a significant transformation, both in physical space and product offerings.

Beyond Playthings - Exploring the Multiverse of Hobbies

Beyond being a store for enthusiasts, Jix has evolved into a family destination.

The board game section now boasts family favourites like Catan and Ticket to Ride. Puzzle enthusiasts can explore a diverse collection featuring brands like Educa, Castorland, and Heye.

The radio-controlled section has expanded to include cutting-edge Scale Crawlers such as Traxxas TRX-4, Element RC, and SSD, along with a comprehensive selection of accessories.

The Digital Frontier and Expanding Realms

The year 2020 marked a milestone with the launch of the online store and website.

By December 2020, Jix had outgrown its original space of 150 square meters, expanding to a more spacious 350 square meters with the addition of a mezzanine for a gaming area and extra shelving.

Over 50 new brands found a home in Jix, with 15+ directly imported from overseas, solidifying its status as a global hub for hobbyists.

Jix Hobbies: A Vision for Tomorrow

Jix Hobbies is more than just a store; it's a living, breathing project of perfection.

Julian Bishop, the orchestrator of this ongoing project, has a vision that extends beyond the horizon. Plans for further expansion and the continuous importation of new products are all part of the grand design.

The online store, the beating heart of Jix's digital presence, is poised for enhancement and growth.

As we navigate through the ever-evolving chapters of Jix's narrative, one thing remains steadfast – our commitment to exceptional customer service, a diverse range of quality products, and the creation of a delightful experience for every member of the family.

Jix Hobbies: where every hobbyist's dream takes flight, and the journey is only just beginning.