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Unleash the Warhammer: Jix Hobbies Event Rule pack Revealed!

Unleash the Warhammer: Jix Hobbies Event Rule pack Revealed!

Prepare for the Ultimate Battle Royale!

In the shadowed corners of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, where darkness and chaos collide with the noblest of empires, a battleground emerges like no other. Welcome to the Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Tournament at Jix Hobbies - a spectacle that will shake the very foundations of the Menlyn Retail Park!

Unleash Your Fury!

Picture this: a relentless battlefield, where armies of incredible power clash in epic showdowns. Tanks rumble forward, their cannons roaring like thunder. Space marines, stoic and unwavering, stand resolute against the horde of alien creatures. Heretics plot in the shadows, while psychic energies crackle in the air. This is the crucible of heroes, where every choice you make can turn the tide of battle.

Journey to the Heart of South African Gaming!

For over seven decades, Jix Hobbies has been a sanctuary for hobbyists and gamers alike, a place where imagination knows no bounds. Now, we invite you to be a part of history as we host a tournament that will redefine what it means to be a Warhammer 40,000 champion.

Strategy, Skill, and Unwavering Determination!

On the 7th of October, the Menlyn Retail Park will witness an unending war, where alliances are forged and broken, where every strategic move is a heartbeat, and where only the mightiest will claim victory. With FLG Chess clock rules keeping time, your every decision counts.

Glory Awaits!

Will you be hailed as the 'Champion,' the 'Runner-Up,' or even the creator of the 'Best Painted Army'? The glory, the honour, and the rewards await the boldest of commanders.

Embrace the Challenge!

This isn't just a tournament; it's an unforgettable adventure. So, gather your troops, assemble your armies, and prepare for a day of unparalleled excitement. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands. Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious?

Join us at Jix Hobbies and let the battle commence!

Date and Location:

7 Oct, Jix Hobbies. Menlyn Retail Park, 150 Lois Ave, Menlyn, Pretoria, 0063

Tournament Format:

A Warhammer 40k 10th Edition tournament, consisting of three rounds over one day. The first round will be paired randomly. The rest of the rounds will have Swiss-style pairings, where you will be paired against someone with a similar score to you.

Games will be 70 min with 10 min intervals between games to get ready for the next.

What You will need:

  • Your painted and based army
  • A printed copy of your list
  • A printed copy of this pack
  • Dice, tape measure, and 6 objective markers
  • A pen (for keeping track of your scores)
  • Copies of the rules for Warhammer 40k 10th Edition and any relevant indices, codices, and FAQs that you need for your army


To book your spot, you can visit our website or on Best Coast Pairings

The entry fee is R50. 

Please register before October 4th. 

If you are booking through the website, please leave a note with your name, WhatsApp number, and the email address you used to register for Best Coast Pairings.


9:00-9:45 Registration

9:40-10:00 Tournament Briefing

10:00-11:10 Game 1

11:20-12:30 Game 2

12:30-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-15:40 Game 3

15:50-16:10 Awards

Army Composition:

Army composition must follow your faction's “combat patrol” rules. You can find your relevant rules here

Painting and Modelling:

  • Painted and based is not a requirement, but for future events it will be. Still there will be a prize for best painted army.
  • All models must accurately represent its entry on your army roster, including all weapons and equipment (i.e. What You See Is What You Get).
  • Model and/or wargear proxies are not allowed.
  • Unacceptable models may be removed from play.

Mission Pack:

The official combat patrol rules document’s 6 missions will be used and be chosen at random at the start of every round.

Note that your “enhancement” and secondary mission is chosen at the start of each game so no need to specify.

We recommend printing out your relevant rules or referring to the official warhammer 40K App while playing.

Code of Conduct:

(Please remember that the purpose of the event is to have fun as well as trying to win your games. It’s very important that all of the players enjoy their games! We strongly encourage players to play in the spirit of the game and not be “that guy”

The ITC has a code of conduct that will be used throughout the event - please familiarise yourself with it prior to the event so that you know what you should expect, and also what your opponent should expect from you. You can find it here.

If a player has more than one game that doesn’t reach a natural conclusion - ie the game doesn’t finish a game at turn 5 before the time for the round has expired - they will have points deducted from their tournament score. Where this is found to be deliberate there may be additional penalties, please see the code of conduct above.)

Key points

Player Conduct:

  • Follow the social contract, be respectful, and play fairly.
  • Judges have authority to resolve disputes and issue penalties.

Game State:

  • Announce your actions, like rolling dice or moving models.
  • Obtain opponent approval for model adjustments.
  • Use dice on the playing surface and in view of your opponent.
  • Bring official rules for your army.


  • Bring a clear, legible printed list of your army.
  • Follow event-specific list requirements.


  • Follow event timeframes.


  • Be respectful, use clean language, and avoid aggression.
  • No purposeful deception or modelling for advantage.

Calling Judges:

  • Call a judge for disputes, measurement, or unsportsmanlike behaviour.
  • Don't misuse judge calls.


  • Fouls result in Yellow or Red Cards with penalties.
  • Repeated Red Cards lead to disqualification.
  • Bans may apply for severe or repeated fouls.


Scoring will be done according to the mission in play.

You are responsible for adding your score to Best Coast Pairing and double checking your opponent.


The following awards will be given out at the end of the tournament:

  • Champion: 1st Overall (trophy)
  • Runner-Up: 2nd Overall
  • 2nd Runner-Up: 3rd Overall
  • Best Painted Army

Additional awards may be added or removed depending on the number of players and ticket sales.

Terrain and Table Setup:

There will be about 6 pieces per table. The play area will be half the table. The terrain pieces will be placed randomly, so each game will be different. The play area will be marked with tape or other materials to make it clear where the boundaries are.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on:

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